We get asked a lot of questions. Here are a few of the most common questions that we get asked. If you don't see yours here reach out to us and we will be happy to get you an answer.

Your driving record, the vehicle you drive, your age and the amount of activity of claims in your area can also affect your rates as well.

We have a 24 hour claims line to assist you whenever you are in need. (503) 910-4394

Based on insurance data, Men are more expensive to insure; and than women.

It may seem like it but your vehicle color does not affect the rates of your insurance.

The short answer is yes. Every vehicle has different rates depending if it is a truck/car/sports car, or how old the car is, what safety features it has, etc.

You can add them to your policy as soon as they have a learners permit as a non driver and they will not affect your insurance cost. Once they receive their drivers license then they will need to be added as a separate driver on the policy.

Home System Breakdown coverage is built into your home policy and covers up to $50,000 for a loss related from a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Which means it covers such systems as your  Central air conditioning, furnace and heat pumps, electrical service panels, etc. For a full list of what’s covered visit the Home Insurance page.

We recommend having a review completed every 1-2 years to  all your coverages fit your current lifestyle.

It’s a program where a client can get Cash Back in the form of a check for 25% of all premiums paid in there 1st year after going 3 years with no at-fault claims and every year after.